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In connexion with public utilities such as railways, water supplies, postal services, telegraphs and telephones, a State monopoly is preferable to a private monopoly in the interests of the general community. This is a bill to approve of an agreement between the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia and the Amalgamated Wireless Company of Australasia Limited.

  • The honorable member referred to the subject of migration, upon which he spoke with two voices.
  • He is a beloved TV personality with three design shows on his resume, a product designer , an author of two books and an executive film producer (he produced the Oscar-winning hit The Help).
  • Sir John was very annoyed about the matter, and asked the member for his reason; the member replied, “I voted against you because I did not think you were right.” Sir John replied, “If I could depend for support only on the people who think I am right I would never get anywhere.
  • The Goodyear ‘ Company has already established a huge factory in New South Wales, and will commence production very shortly.
  • Once a drink was provided, it was time to engage with the coffeehouse’s other visitors.
  • The designer works extensively around the world in the super-prime residential market and it seems as though she won’t be giving that up any time soon.

Generally speaking the speech of the honorable member on the trade balance was sound. It has also been suggested that the Government should change its financial methods. Some time ago I asked the Minister for Trade and Customs (Mr. Pratten)’ to furnish me with a statement showing how much of our Customs revenue was derived from protective duties, and how much from purely revenue duties. The honorable member for Dalley, in the course of his speech, pointed out that revenue duties fell mostly upon the workers. The more effective a protectionist policy is the less revenue it yields. On that argument it must be frankly admitted that the protective policy of this Government is signally failing to achieve its purpose, for our revenue from Customs duties is increasing annually. Of course, some of our duties are imposed frankly for revenue purposes.

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Comment: The Pandemic Has Stripped London Of Its Appeal

I am wondering what influence, if any, the British Manufacturers’ Association has had upon , this Government to cause it to refuse to recognize its responsibilities and the necessity for establishing great secondary industries, or at least the basis of a great manufacturing nation within the shores of Australia. Mr. L. M. S. Amery has made a great number of speeches in this, country, and while I recognize his so-called diplomatic mission to Australia, I am of the opinion that he almost exclusively represents the interests of the British manufacturers, who feel that they are losing some of our trade. Honorable members will remember the recent visit of the British Empire Parliamentary delegation to Australia. I spoke with a number of the British Labour members of that delegation, because I was anxious to find out how they regarded Australia’s aspirations to become a great manufacturing nation. The British Labour members told me quite frankly that they did not think that Australia should worry about manufacturing. They said “ We have the ma-, chinery, the organization, the skilled artisans and mechanics to do this job for you.

Rut I fail to see the reason for the attitude of those honorable members who, although opposing the socialization of the means of distribution, object to the Government’s action. Room could be found for the reduction of indirect taxation in a number of directions. I appeal particularly to protectionists, and remind them that we derive an enormous revenue from a number of articles that cannot be manufactured in Australia. They are subjected to high tariff duties, for which there can be no legitimate excuse when we have an excess of revenue over the sum required for our needs. It is a wasteful policy to take from the pockets of the people more money than the Government requires. The honorable member for Maranoa (Mr. Hunter) said that he failed to see how indirect taxation could be reduced. If the tariff were examined item by item, a considerable reduction in duty could be made on a number of articles that are not manufactured in Australia, and by no stretch of the imagination could be regarded as likely to be made here.

That has led to the cities having a preponderating influence in this Parliament, with a consequent continuance of the policy sober houses in boston of ever-increasing protection. Those people consider that secondary industries are necessary for their livelihood.

To The Public Catechism Of The “well Disposed”. Part Iii.

The honorable member for Warringah (Mr. Parkhill) spoke of the importance of immigration to this country, and I thoroughly agree with him. He referred to the possible menace to Australia from the Orient, and the recent transformation that had taken place in China, a country with a population of over 400,000,000, in respect ofmilitary and other matters. It certainly behoves us as a National Parliament to make some attempt to keep this country sober houses in boston for the white races. It is all very fine to talk about the importance of bringing immigrants here and finding work for them. Our wages are high, and our standards 0 are beyond those of other countries We cannot, therefore, expect to sell our goods so costly produced in competition with other countries. We have no markets for the products of immigrants that settle here, and our great difficulty to-day is to find payable markets overseas.

On entering, patrons would be engulfed in smoke, steam, and sweat and assailed by cries of “What news have you? ” Rows of well-dressed men in periwigs would sit around rectangular wooden tables strewn with every type of media imaginable – newspapers, pamphlets, prints, manuscript newsletters, ballads, sober houses in boston even party-political playing cards. Unless it was a West End or Exchange Alley coffeehouse, the room would be cosy but spartan – shaved wooden floors, no cushions, wainscoted walls, candles, the odd spittoon. In the distance, a little Cupid-like boy in a flowing periwig would bring a dish of coffee.

Ship Nancy, James Moodie, Master, From Glasg , Entered At The Custom

The theory is plausible, but, unfortunately, has not worked out in practice. This in turn is passed on to the consumer and up higher goes the cost of living.

Was he not told, that if he meant to pub­lish the truth, he had no occasion to consult any person? but that not being altogether the point in view, Was he not recomended back to the Committee for their sage assistance?

A number of other points are raised in the report of the royal commission, but they fall outside the scope of the present agreement, and the Government will take another and early opportunity of announcing its policy with regard to them. It is doubtful whether much can be done until the return of Mr. Brown, the director of postal services, who is in America attending a conference dealing with wavelengths and any re-allocation due to alterations. There are a number of other matters in regard to broadcasting and wireless in Australia which certainly require close investigation, but science is moving so rapidly that it is necessary that we should hesitate before coming to a final decision. Commonwealth to determine whether any service which the company proposes to carry on in addition to the service to Fiji, and any service which exists at present, is or is not necessary in the public interest. It will be seen, therefore, that while .Amalgamated Wireless Limited will be encouraged to develop wireless communications with other countries, the Government will retain the right to determine whether particular projected or established sendees are- desirable in the interests of the people of Australia. It will also retain power to control charges, and it will always be competent for it to issue licenses to any other company to enter into competition with Amalgamated Wireless Limited if that should be deemed necessary. The amazing development in wireless of late has brought under prominent notice the relation between wireless and cable methods of communication.

The sugar industry, which is maintained iu Australia at considerable cost to the community, was amongst the first matters on which the board reported after its appointment. The board spent many months inquiring into the agricultural implement industry’, and also investigated and reported upon the potato industry. An exhaustive investigation 1ms just been concluded into the production of butter and cheese and a report on these subjects is in course of preparation. The honorable member for Wannon (Mr. Rodgers) made some remarks about borrowing, in regard to which I do not see eye to eye with the honorable member. Had he adopted the attitude that we must exercise caution and judgment I could have understood his argument.

Gentleman knows from his large parliamentary experience that, for the general convenience of the House, a certain latitude is allowed to the Prime Minister and to the Leader of the Opposition in reply, which cannot be claimed by other speakers. I think you were not present when the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition delivered speeches in which they dealt with the drinking of whisky and beer. Gentleman tries to get into a licensed hotel during these hours, unless he is recognised he will have considerable difficulty.

To The Public More Than Thirty

At present the only State in which any progress is being made in agriculture is Western Australia. I believe that that has been due to the fact that our young men have been forced on to the land and have not been attracted to the manufacture of matches, hats, and various other commodities. They have produced real wealth, with the result that this year Western Australia has exported a considerable quantity of primary produce, the returns from which will go a long way towards meeting our national obligations. Our manufacturers must be making considerable profits, yet they are not satisfied with the protection they are given, but are seeking a reduction of income tax. If the Government has in mind the reduction of taxation, I ask it to make a commence”ment with indirect taxation by compelling the stoppage of unprofitable industries that are handicapping and shackling industry generally. This Parliament would be well advised to occupy a whole session in a consideration, on purely non-party lines, of the best course to adopt. The majority of the people are centralized in the capital cities because of the aggregation there of unnatural, unprofitable, exotic industries.

Yet in many bars here in the UK, on a Friday and Saturday night, we have huge amounts of drunks, fights, skirmishes and general disorder. This made me think about how we serve alcohol in bars and clubs and whose responsibility it is keep some form of order. The government, despite all its warnings on alcohol, likes the taxes that it generates. I was lucky enough to find Lou Barlow through an ad at a local record store. Even though he and Murph were the closest like-minded people near me they still lived 45 minutes away in a town that I’d never been to before. My dad would drive me out to their houses for practices and their mom or dad would drive them to my house so we could practice there.

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The honorable member concluded his address by suggesting that unless we alter our mode of living we shall find ourselves either in the bankruptcy court, or in the position of having to call a meeting of our creditors. That national efficiency must be increased in all countries to improve the material welfare of the people. The more we produce per man the more there is to divide per family. When a magnetic crane handled by two men began doing the work done the day previously by 128 men, it did not mean that 126 men were discharged. Now is the time when we should tax ourselves with the object of reducing our public debt. I would remind honorable members that from time immemorial it has been the practice for a new member to be heard in silence. As the most recently elected member of the Committee, I rise with some trepidation and diffidence to express my views on the budget.

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Additional tariff protection that is granted under such conditions gives the manufacturer a still greater monopoly. Frequent reference has been made in this debate to our Addiction adverse balance of trade, and to the excess of imports over exports. The board was not consulted about the Government’s policy, which has now been endorsed by the House.

Posted by: Alyssa Peckham

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